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Jennifer Snow is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Arts in creative writing at Sonoma State University. She has been a member of the staff of American River Review, the award-winning literary magazine of American River College, since August of 2017, where she is currently the Editor-in-Chief, and has held the roles of Poetry Editor, Managing Fiction Editor, and Communications Director. She has also served on the staff of Zaum, the award-winning literary magazine of Sonoma State University, where she held the role of Poetry Editor. She has multiple works of poetry and creative non-fiction prose published in both magazines.

In addition to being Co-Editor-in-Chief of Transcend, Jennifer is currently the Assistant to the Editors for Ad Lumen Press and served as an intern for Cameron & Company from February–May 2019. With Transcend, Jennifer is hoping to bring more hidden voices into the open.

Hannah Orlando  CO-EDITOR-IN-CHIEF

Hannah Orlando has been local to the Sacramento area for longer than she remembers. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in earth science from CSU Sacramento in 2017. Soon after in 2017, she joined the staff of American River Review to serve terms as a Fiction Editor and Managing Fiction Editor. She is currently the Associate Editor-in-Chief and has held the position for nearly a year. Her experiences as an avid reader and writer throughout her life led her to a passion for sharing the stories and perspectives missing from her childhood. She wishes to accomplish this goal by publishing her own narrative and enabling other creators to share their voice by both an editor and as part of creating Transcend. Her own work appears in American River Review and she continues to actively submit to other magazines.



Stephanie Fintz  ART DIRECTOR

Stephanie Fintz was born and raised in NYC and recently graduated with a BA in English literature. While she has little experience in a formal literary setting, she has been editing her and her peers’ academic and creative work for about six years now.  As much as she enjoys the endless nuances of grammar, her greatest passion is in making up stories and putting those stories into words as best as she can. While she has been known to dabble in art and psychology, writing is the cornerstone of her life. She is an aspiring author and hopes to contribute to the diversifying and accessibility of the YA genre.



Leigh Snow was born in Leominster, Massachusetts. She is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Sonoma State University. She enjoys office and managerial work, such as organizing and processing submissions for Transcend. Leigh has recently discovered the joy of reading, and has a long list of novels and short stories she wishes to enjoy. She is also the life partner of Jennifer Snow, and encourages all who have a love of reading and writing to pursue their dreams.





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Eric Thompson  Managing Editor – Transcend.Prototypes

Myrenzo Whittaker  Reader – Transcend.Prototypes & Transcend.Horizons (June 2020)